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Diet pills work by increasing Serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is a chemical associated with improved mood, appetite and satiety. Although there are some well-known side effects and health risks of these pills, yet many chose to lose weight through diet pills because of their efficiency.




Before a diet pills can be launched into the market, they undergo several clinical studies to determine their safety,  interactions with other substances and appropriate number of dosages. The FDA(Food and Drug Administration) regulates how a manufacturer can advertise and promote a diet medication. As a result, doctors ability to prescribe diet and weight loss pills under different conditions in larger doses or for different time periods is restricted.f

While looking for any weight loss diet pills, always remember that muscle is metabolically active tissue but fat is not. Fat is a source of energy for your body. Generally, most people have much more fat than they actually need, resulting in obesity. Fat does not use energy, actually it is used as energy.  Our muscles use energy. A good diet pill should burn the maximum amount of body fat, decrease your hunger and your desires for sweets, increase your metabolism, and not have any side effects.

The diet pills are no doubt effective but they have some health risks also. Before you buy any weight loss diet pills, you should ask your doctor for a full explanation of the side effects and dangers of the weight loss pills. If these pills are used under medical supervision along with a proper diet and exercise program, they can be very effective, at least in the short term.

Surveys have shown that no constant weight loss and long term weight control is possible by using diet pills alone. These should however be combined with regular physical exercise and improved balanced diet to lose and maintain weight successfully and continually over the long term.



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